Rosa Canina – NFT flower # 11

Rosa Canina is an unusually beautiful flower that is difficult to find in life, on the street. This plant, like all roses, came from the rose hips, but if the Rose is a hybrid that practically created itself, then the rose hips prevail in the gene of the canina rose. This plant differs from the roses we are accustomed to in that it has more than one bud and grows as shrubs or trees. This beautiful plant is very popular in European countries. Rosa canina is a perennial plant that can live for many years, like a tree. The plant is not very popular among people, but those who see it at least once will never forget it. This rose, or rather roses, since the bush contains many flowers, is very beautiful and interesting. In addition to its unique species, the plant is of great benefit to humans and other plants.

 The history and symbolism of the rose of canina

This plant appeared a very long time ago, or rather in the eleventh century. The common people called this grove “Dog Rose” as this plant was used to cure dog bites on the body, with which this plant copes to this day. This plant originated in two countries, Greece and Rome, in the eleventh century. The canina rose flower became a symbol of beauty, fragrance and wealth, so much so that even the city was named Rhodescan, from the word Rodon, the Greek name for rose. On shields, coins and frescoes of the Greco-Roman world, many drawings of the canina rose have been found. The painters and poets of ancient Rome said about the canina rose that these roses had an irresistible scent and gray-green foliage, which perfectly harmonized with pastel tones of petals, which ranged from pale pink to pure white.

 Rosa canina from the point of view of science

Rosa canina is a deciduous shrub, reaching a height of one and a half to two and a half meters. The shoots of this plant are thick, arcuate, rarely almost straight. The bark is green, reddening from the sunny side. This variety is unique for its rare sickle-shaped thorns with a very short base. The average leaves of this plant reach seven to twelve centimeters in length. The flowers of this plant have a bright smell. The plant blooms in May and June. Also, this plant has orange-red fruits, when ripe from fifteen to thirty millimeters. The fruits ripen in August.

 Rose canina in industry

The fruits of this stunning rose are used in folk medicine. Fruit tea is used for colds. The seeds are used to treat urinary tract stones. Also, the fruits of this plant contain a small amount of vitamin C. The fruits have a choleretic effect and serve as raw materials for the production of drugs prescribed for diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Canina rose is the most common rootstock for garden roses. Grafted onto it, roses acquire its unpretentiousness, winter hardiness and significant resistance to disease.

 Rosa canina in the world of photography

Rosa canina is a very large and beautiful bush with equally beautiful flowers. This plant is very beautiful and old, photos with it will emphasize its stateliness. The flowers of this rose one by one are very beautiful and attractive, but from a lot it seems as if you are standing in a rain of flowers. This plant is not sold in flower shops, it can be seen in the wild or in the garden. Due to the fact that this plant is not very popular, photographs with it will be unique and very beautiful. This plant can be used against the background of photographs with models in summer clothes, since flowers bloom only in summer. It can also be used at a wedding or graduation photo session, the plant will convey the love or wisdom of graduating students.

 NFT flower

NFT nature photography is expanding every day and includes many colors, which differ just like the NFT token itself. NFT flower Rosa canina is individual in its appearance and its benefits, there are few such plants that help people so much. In NFT nature photography, there were and will be other roses, but there will not be such as the canina rose, only a little closer. Photo with NFT flower is a very painstaking and difficult business, through photography we convey to you the whole message and energy of the flower. Unfortunately, this NFT flower has been sold, but there are still many for you in the NFT nature photography industry. But if you need this particular flower, then you can bargain for it with the first owner, although its price can increase significantly. Support us in our business – NFT nature, as it is NFT nature that unites nature lovers and lovers of NFT nature photography. Follow us and love nature.

Rosa canina NFT flowers #11
Rosa canina NFT flowers #11
Type speciesRosa
BackgroundGreen leaves