NFT flower – Yellow Lily #52

There was already a yellow lily in our collection, but these two beautiful flowers are very different from each other. This lily is younger and of a completely different sort, or rather the “Radiant” lily. It differs from ordinary ones in that it has a star shape. The flower itself is very beautiful and if you compare its older predecessor, then they are very different. It was bred in Asia, where it was spread. It also differs in that it is more of an ornamental plant due to the fact that it was created by people and not by nature. Most often, the Radiant Lily is found in clubs, lawns that tame architecture or the road to something. In the wild, this plant must be found, but very rarely, if you find it then you are very lucky. I can add that in our NFT picture it is wild, you can see it in the background.

 Yellow lily symbolism

Since ancient times, namely in Greece, lilies have been considered a symbol of beauty, innocence and purity of being. Even in ancient Greece, it was believed that the lily was sent by God so that people know what level of purity of thoughts and life they need to strive for. In mythology, the lily passes itself as a symbol of purity in the form of milk and if it is a yellow lily, then milk and honey. Nowadays, for all of us, a lily is just a beautiful flower that is associated with the sun or smiles.

 Yellow lily scientifically

Plant height eighty – ninety cm. Stem with dark strokes. The flowers are star-shaped, directed upwards, with an original luminous light orange color, with small, barely noticeable specks. Filaments are pale orange, opened anthers are reddish brown. This plant belongs to the lily family and to the monocotyledonous class. The plant begins to bloom in June and ends in mid-July.

 Yellow lily in industry

In industry, lily can be used to make perfume, the scent of the lily can soothe or heal headaches. Certain varieties of lilies can be poisonous and life-threatening, and tend to grow in colder countries. In Siberia and the Far East, lilies are used for food and tinctures and syrups are brewed on it. Lily can also be added to vanillin, a feature of the “Radiant” variety, in summer lily collects a lot of pollen and, when processed, resembles the taste of sweet vanilla. This pollen can also be added to vanilla ice cream.

 Yellow lily in the world of photography

The yellow lily of this variety is very beautiful and bright, just like its older version, but due to its shape, the range of applications in the world of photography is expanding. A lily of this shape can be used for summer or spring photography to convey a picture of flowering and liberation of the world at these times of the year. The yellow lily itself is very beautiful and you can photograph it alone, for example, against some beautiful background. At exhibitions, this plant will step over many other flowers, since only it has such a unique leaf shape. Photos with children or adults, this lily will fit anywhere.

 NFT flower

There is already a lily in the NFT world and on our page, but this yellow lily about which we are now talking is completely different, these two NFT lilies are united only by color and names. This lily is very beautiful and resembles a yellow star in the sky. NFT nature photography is very beautiful and individual in that there are many NFT flowers in the world with one name, but the main thing is not to forget about the outstanding varieties, which are as unique as the NFT token. If you compare two NFTs, you can see how different they are. For humans, this is a very good offer as NFT choices are extended. For example, you wanted a yellow NFT lily, but you didn’t like something about it, you can choose another one that has a completely different shape. Or if you were looking for a certain type of NFT flower and our NFT nature photo matches your desire. There are many NFT colors and even more varieties and each is unique.  NFT photo may also be similar, but there may be more differences between them. If you support NFT nature photography then by purchasing this stunning NFT lily you will not regret it and will shine with joy just like your flower. Our NFT nature photography collection is growing faster and faster and we do not stop. NFT flower and NFT nature are one union of living NFTs, which are only with us. Love nature and stay with us and NFT nature photography.

Yellow Lily NFT flower #52
Yellow Lily NFT flower #52
Type speciesLilium candidum
BackgroundGreen grass