NFT – Flower Yellow Lily #50

Yellow lily flower, what do we know about this beautiful flower? It’s a yellow flower with a bright-green base that grows in huge green meadows or fields in Europe, Asia, or Russia. The Lily flower is considered one of the oldest and most long-standing and ancient flowers in our world. These flowers were seen and collected by all our ancestors, and just as we loved and appreciated these flowers for their beauty and uniqueness. When people talk or remember about lilies, then you’d hear from them only joyful and warm memories that will make you smile. After stories about this flower, you differently want to see it by yourself live or go to the meadow where it grows.

Greek mythology about the lily flower.

Lily flower, is a symbol of something pure and immaculate, in ancient Greek mythology, a lily conveys itself as a symbol of purity in the form of milk and if it is a yellow lily, then milk and honey. But at the present time, ordinary people the lily in itself symbolizes happiness and the sun that warms the soul with sun rays. Now, in the twenty-first century, only a few people pay attention to the symbolism of something or simply do not know about the symbolism of a plant, although it is a symbol that can reveal an object or a creature from the other side, the one about which we could do not even think of.

Lily flower in science.

From a scientific point of view, Lily is a plant of the lily family, belonging to the class monocotyledonous. These perennial herbs have a bulb in them, consisting of large and dense lower leaves from below, the petals of which are painted white, pink, or, as this, yellow flower in this photo. There are more than one hundred and ten species of lilies in the world. Most of them are grown in a warm climate, in the open air. Also, some lilies flowers can withstand also the winter.

Industrialization of the lily flower.

In industry, the lily flowers could be used to make perfumes. Which say the scent of lilies can soothe or heal headaches, which is why perfumes with such a lily scent are so prized among people in the world of the perfume industry. Some varieties of lilies could be poisonous and life-threatening, usually growing in colder countries. In Siberia and the Far East, lilies are used for food, and tinctures and syrups are cooked on them. Many people do not hesitate to spoil nature, litter, pollute the water with which they water flowers, and spoil the air as a cause not only we humans do suffocate but also the mother nature. Such people do not even understand the fact that perennial plants like lily flowers can easily die.

Flower photography.

In the photo, you’ll see a large and yellow lily flower like a bright summer sun with six leaves, of which three are paired. Three of them are unique, not like the other three leaves. For photographers, a lily flower gives an inspiration, expanding the boundaries of photography, or as a bright plan for photography that will fill and saturate the picture with bright and contrasting colors and therefore NFT with a yellow lily flower will be something beautiful and uplifting or will fill your day with yellow and bright colors.

NFT flower.

In order to show the public all the beauty of yellow lily flowers, we created this NFT photo. NFT nature, or as in this case NFT flower – a yellow lily, would be a very suitable picture in the world of NFT nature photography or just in the industry of NFT pictures. We invite you to purchase a unique NFT image to support our idea, which will give a lot of positive energy from itself, which will remind you of what is happening around us and how beautiful our nature really is. This NFT will fit perfectly into your gallery, some may draw something that looks like it on paper. For those people who appreciate such NFT photos, they can add them to their collection and, when viewing, remind themselves of nature through this NFT flower image. And if you collect exactly the NFT of nature, then the rest of the flowers will also interest you very much, since all our NFT compositions are unique and inimitable. There is only 1 original exemplar of this NFT that exists!

Yellow lily NFT flower #50
Yellow Lily NFT flower #50
Type speciesLilium candidum
BackgroundGreen grass