NFT flower – White Rose # 68

Light and bright white angel, white possesses hovering above us, this is what a flower called a white rose can be associated with. The white rose is one of the most beautiful flowers that exist in the world, this flower can be associated with purity, tenderness, and beauty. Such flowers are given only for special holidays because they are very expensive and beautiful. How many times have you seen a white rose live, someone will say once or twice in your life, and someone never, this is because a white rose is very rare in the wild, this plant can be seen in nature reserves or in European countries. Most often it can be seen in a flower shop, as it is very often grown in plantations or greenhouses. By itself, this flower is decorative, and it got into the wild thanks to people.

 The life of a white rose

As mentioned earlier, the white rose is not wild plant breeders grow and breed it in greenhouse complexes, surrounded by modern climate control technologies to maintain optimal conditions. Such roses grow only in warm conditions, twenty-three degrees during the day and nineteen at night. These are the optimal conditions for the life of this lovely rose.

 History and symbolism of the white rose

White roses, regardless of religion and countries, at all times have been a symbol of purity and innocence. In ancient India, the rose enjoyed such great honor that according to the law then existing, everyone who brought it to the king could ask him whatever he wanted. In Greece, the path of the winners was strewn with these flowers, and artisans who knew how to weave wreaths from them were highly respected and honored. From Greece, roses were transported to Rome, and there these flowers were considered a symbol of morality and a reward for great victories and achievements. But later, during the fall of the Roman Empire, roses became an unaffordable luxury, which is why they received undeserved fame as a vicious flower. However, thanks to their beauty, roses have won love all over the world, their image has inspired poets, sculptors, and artists for a long time.

 Significance in the world

In the modern world, the rose has become so much that songs were named in her honor, and in some countries (White Rose) this is the name of the singer’s pseudonym. Moreover, the name “White Rose” was given to the underground resistance group operating in Nazi Germany. Also, the White Rose was a symbol of the Yorkies of the British royal dynasty of the Plantagenet branch.

 White rose from the point of view of science

If we start talking about the white Rose from a scientific point of view, then these flowers belong to the pink family, belonging to the dicotyledonous class. Roses have an evergreen trunk and leaves. Usually, roses grow from fifteen to forty centimeters upward, as there are a huge number of varieties of roses. A white rose is distinguished from the rest by its color. The petals in the bud of this unit have an emerald or cream shade, which, as the rose blooms, can appear brighter or disappear altogether.

 White rose in the industry

Oddly enough, the white rose is a popular product in the flower business, they are grown in order to sell and it would seem that there are no other uses, but in ancient China, the elixir was cooked on herbs and petals of a white rose to restore immunity and strength.

 White rose in the world of photo art

The white rose plant is a very unique flower, it is very beautiful in nature and can be photographed for hours, but it is also very common in wedding photography. White rose petals are sprinkled on the floor, beautiful bouquets are presented, which are shown in the pictures in the hands of the bride. White roses are also given to mothers who have just given birth to a child. Such photographs are highly valued, as they have a very expensive and beautiful flower that complements the atmosphere with its beauty and tenderness. If you want to convey tenderness, love, and beauty in one picture, then your choice will fully justify itself if you choose this beautiful flower for a photoshoot.

 NFT flower

There are many plants of different colors in the world of NFT flower photography or NFT nature, but the NFT photo of a white rose is something truly unique and attractive. At the moment there are six NFT colors in our collection, but the white rose is one of the most expressive colors in the world and also in NFT nature photography. If you want to please yourself with something truly angelic, then your choice is an NFT flower called a white rose. This NFT token will fit perfectly into your collection and will always give you good and positive emotions. If we are talking about NFT nature photography, and this is individuality and uniqueness, then this NFT will surpass these concepts with its beauty. Keep up with NFT nature photography with us.

White Rose NFT flower #68
White Rose NFT flower #68
Type speciesRosa
BackgroundDark green leaves