NFT Flower – Water Lily #51

As we all know, water is a symbol of something secret, unknown, but at the same time, something very beautiful. Nobody knows what is happening and who lives at the bottom of the dark abyss. But we all see the surface on which animals and plants and even flowers can live. We are talking about the water lily, one of the most attractive plants on the surface of freshwater, such as lakes. When we went fishing or swimming on the lake, we all saw these stunning flowers. The water lily has been known since ancient times, there were many legends about it that they endowed with miraculous powers, or it was worn as a talisman against bad weather. The water lily is listed in the Red Book, as their number has dropped enormously over the past 80 years.

Lily’s daily life.

Lily during the day moves around the entire reservoir behind the sun, turning its head to the rays. If thick clouds appear in the sky, then the bud closes instantly. Closer to sunrise, the lily prepares for its dive. If in the morning the weather is cloudy and unfavorable for the plant, then the water lily may not rise to the surface of the water at all. This beautiful flower blooms from early June to late October, depending on the variety. There are fifty varieties of water lily in total.

The appearance of the flower is very diverse, this plant can be found in diameter from three to thirty centimeters, not to mention the palette of inflorescence. Water lilies have a strong and robust root system in the form of tubers. The roots of the lily are immersed in the water, which, performing their functions, also serve as an anchor for the plant. The water lily has large, heart-shaped, leathery leaves that float on the surface of the water due to the presence of air pockets. The leaves can easily support the weight of a frog and a small bird.

Greek mythology of the water lily

The Greek mythology of the lily tells us that once upon a time there was a girl named Lily who fell in love with Hercules. But the girl did not see reciprocity from him and died of melancholy on the shore of the lake, a flower grew out of her – a water lily. In ancient times, the water lily was considered a symbol of attractiveness and beauty.

Water lily from the point of view of science

The water lily is a well-known plant with large heart-oval or heart shaped rounded leaves floating on the water and large flowers floating on the water. The leaves of this plant are whole, on long petioles, the underwater leaves are thin and delicate, floating on the surface are more rigid, shiny from above, fleecy from below, often large, up to two meters in diameter. Flowers grow singly, on long legs, most regularly they are large, bisexual, with a simple or, more frequently, double flower garden. In general, there are only three buds – four, free or somewhat accrete at the base. There are usually many petals.

Water lily in industry

Since the water lily is not edible, it is not eaten, however, it can become a decoration for some large dishes. Nowadays, water lilies are sold and grown in order to embellish your garden.

Water lily in photography.

Water lily is a unique and unrepeatable plant, in the world of the photography industry, it is popular in nature photography. It is also fashionable to use the water lily as a decoration on the model since the flower is dense and due to this, it retains its shape and beauty for a long time. In the world of NFT nature photography, this plant is not popularized, since NFT photo is an art an also a kind of photography, it can be used as a painting.

Water lily – NFT flower

There are a lot of plants in the world on land, and every day we spend outdoors we can see them. But few people can see such a beautiful and charming flower like a water lily every day. In the NFT photography, there is little or no such flower, only our NFT photography has such a token. NFT flower is not a very generalized part of all NFT nature photo. This flower is rare and unique, since NFT is something individual, this flower doubles its uniqueness. Our NFT nature photo is even better than unique, as we make professional NFT photos in maximum details. If you support nature and NFT nature, then you will definitely like this amazing NFT picture. If you collect NFT nature, then this flower will perfectly fit into your collection, since the water lily is unlike more than one flower in the world. Love nature and get to know it with us.

Water lilly NFT flower #51
Water lily NFT flower #51
Name:Water lily
Type species:Nymphea
Background:Green water leaves & water