NFT flower – Red Poppy # 13

If in your life you were interested in what is the most courageous and strong flower that exists on the planet earth, then this is a red poppy. The red poppy is a flower unique in history and in the world. This flower figures in the most important events for the world, but in addition to symbolism, this flower is uniquely beautiful in itself. This flower is legendary not only for its symbolism but also for its use in everyday life. This plant has bright and rich colors and its petals attract everyone’s attention and leave no one indifferent. Many famous artists chose these plants as the object for their canvases. Images of the oriental poppy can be found not only in paintings but also everywhere – on pieces of furniture, dishes, clothes.

 Poppy lives in nature

Poppy grows in temperate and subtropical zones, less often it can be found in colder climates. Most of all poppies grow in arid places – steppes, semideserts, deserts, dry Rocky Mountains, or hills. Russia is one of the countries where the most poppies grow, about seventy-five species. Most of these species have spread to the Caucasus and Central Asia.

 Poppy mythology and history

The first mention of the poppy was in ancient Greece, according to the old scriptures, the poppy flower was sent by the gods to heal the sick with its properties. After a while, the ancient Greeks decided that the poppy grew out of the tears of Aphrodite, which she shed when she learned about the death of her beloved Adonis. The Greeks used to think that the poppy was one of the sleep instruments of the god Hypnos.

 Red poppy symbolism

The red poppy is a symbol of memory of the victims of the First World War, as well as the victims of all military and civil armed conflicts, since one thousand nine hundred and fourteen. For the inhabitants of Egypt, the red poppy symbolizes youth, feminine beauty, and charm.

 Red poppy from the point of view of science

Red poppy is an annual and perennial herb, usually with a developed stem, less often stemless. Plants produce milky sap, which is white, yellow or orange. Poppy flowers are large, solitary, usually red (less often white or yellow). The milky juice found in poppy seeds is opium that is only obtained by hand.

 Red poppy in industry

Once upon a time, poppy juice was used for medicinal purposes, in order to numb wounded parts of the body.  Currently, the poppy seed oil is produced from poppy seeds, which are used for food, margarine, and pharmaceuticals.  Food poppy seeds are used for food purposes. They are sprinkled on baked goods or to make fillings.

 Poppy in the field of photography.

Poppy is a very beautiful plant with many symbols, some of which are still not outdated in our time. In the world of photography, poppy will play a huge role in photographs of old post-war buildings or in photographs of the memory of the war. Red poppy is often used for memory purposes, if you want to maximize the atmosphere of military photography, then red poppy is your choice. The poppy itself is very beautiful and this makes the photographs of nature with poppy fields look amazing. If you forget about its sad symbolism and look at the poppy as a beautiful plant, then it can be applied to almost any photograph.

 NFT flower

Without a doubt, we can say that poppy is a very beautiful plant with its own unique history, in the world of NFT nature photography there are no flowers with such symbolism and history. This NFT flower is very unique and beautiful, if you delve into its history and symbolism, then you will be imbued with this plant. NFT flower photo with this plant is unlike anything, the stem and leaves of this plant are unique in nature, as there is nothing like this plant.  NFT token is a unique thing, but NFT with poppy multiplies its uniqueness and value. If you support NFT nature as much as we do, if you love and appreciate the unique NFT flower, then red poppy is your choice. Love nature, support and explore the world of NFT nature photography and stay with us.

Red Poppy NFT flower #13
Red Poppy NFT flower #13


Type speciesPoppy
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