NFT- Flower Purple Rose #76

The purple rose and the rose, in general, is one of the most popular flowers in the world, but most people did not delve into its history or generally did not popularize information. What can we learn about this unique purple flower? Basically, a rose is a long flower, on a green base, as a rule, one large redbud flaunts on top, but as we know, roses come in very different colors. But only a few people know that in our time this plant would never have been diverse if people had not brought it out of the rose hips. Most of all varieties are grown by repeated and repeated crossing with each other or with rose hips. Some varieties came from other wild plants and not from rose hips.

Types of roses and the first cultivation in Rome.

Here are two types of roses: wild ones that grow in warm and temperate climates, and roses that are grown by humans. People can grow purple roses generally almost anywhere since nowadays greenhouses and various storage incubators are very developed and easily accessible. For the first time, roses began to be grown in ancient Rome, at a time when vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants were in priority. In the works of ancient Roman writers, only ten different varieties of roses are mentioned. And after a short time, they began to compose legends and myths about Rose.

Rose mythology.

In the myth of the Rose, it was said that the most beautiful woman in the world was born from a rose. Rose is one of the most symbolic flowers. This is a symbol of the world opening and changing before us. The rose also symbolizes mercy, martyrdom, and victory. People who love roses so much probably did not even know what these excellent flowers mean.

Purple rose in science.

If we talk about the Rose from a scientific point of view, then these flowers belong to the pink family, belonging to the dicotyledonous class. Roses have an evergreen trunk and leaves. Usually, roses grow from fifteen to forty centimeters up, since there are a huge number of varieties of roses and more and less. The bud, consisting of many purple petals, has a very sensitive and unbearably pleasant scent.

Industrialization of the purple rose.

In the industry, roses are very suitable for many fields of activity. The perfume is made of roses. In cooking, roses are used to make a decoction, syrups, ice cream, candy lemonades, and many other delicious and well-known products. But as we know, the most common place where we can buy a rose is in flower shops. A huge number of roses are sold and bought every day in the world, and they are thrown away as well. Many people don’t think about how many roses are dying per day. Rose is an iconic flower that is given almost for all holidays and meetings. There are billions of people on the planet earth, imagine how many roses are thrown into the bin.

Purple rose flower photography.

Roses are very popular in the world of photography, almost every person, mainly women, has a photo with a rose. For some photographs, photographers may use not a bouquet of roses, not two, but thousands of petals. The rose can become one of the main details in the photo. Many photographers take pictures of roses even without people because they are so beautiful. Almost all flowers, and especially purple rose, will perfectly fit into the world of NFT photos. NFT rose photography, especially purple rose NFT, will look great!

Purple rose NFT flower.

Now, in the world of NFT, there are a lot of different photos of NFT flowers. We have our unique purple rose in order to add uniqueness to NFT flower photography. Few people fully understand how the beauty of NFT nature is manifested, and this flower will show that you will not find such an original photo as in the branch of nature NFT. None of the people will be able to convey colors as dynamically as a living photograph of a flower. If you are a connoisseur and lover of nature and NFT nature, then we suggest you add such a wonderful NFT purple rose to your collection. There are a lot of roses in the world, but there are very few purple roses, help us show the whole world how NFT flowers are better and more beautiful than computer graphics. This NFT is more unique than any other, as this flower is not every day seen around. Appreciate nature and stay with us.

Purple rose NFT flower #76
Purple rose NFT flower #76
Type speciesRosa
BackgroundGreen leaves