NFT flower – Purple Rhododendron #4

Purple, large, beautiful, and unique rhododendron flower. If you ever wanted to know what flower is very unusual and little-known to people, then this is the same flower that you thought about. An evergreen that can beautify any area or any street. There are few such unusual flowers in the world, and he can live in all countries of it. The largest species diversity is found in southern China, the Himalayas, Japan, and the Southeast West. This plant is unique not only for its appearance but also for its growth. These plants can be both trees and shrubs. In the form of a tree, this plant is found in the Caucasus, in Russia. Rhododendron is found only in temperate and subtropical climates. Few can grow it at home, as this plant is very picky about its environment.

 Symbolism and meaning of Rhododendron

Rhododendron is a plant that blooms in spring and summer, and it symbolizes spring and rebirth. Rhododendron is a good way to show how much you care for your loved one because this plant symbolizes homesickness. Moreover, if someone close to you may recently feel bad or are just going through difficult times, the rhododendron flower will express a desire to help a relative so that this person recovers or survives problems. In recent centuries, the rhododendron flower has been a symbol of the threat of death. There are many stories that tell about this meaning, but in our time the flower only brought help and happiness, so the old data has been refuted.

 Rhododendron from the point of view of science

Rhododendron is represented by trees, shrubs, and shrubs. Leaves are varied in shape and size, perennial, biennial, or annual. Rhododendron grows both singly, and in groups and thickets, grows in swamps, seas, mountains, and in the tundra. The height of most plant species is from two to four meters. And woody forms are up to thirty meters tall.  Many types of rhododendron are poisonous. Blooms in April or June, before or at the same time as leaves appear.  Fruiting in June or August.

 Rhododendron in industry

Rhododendron is a very oily plant, the oil is a light yellow or brown thick mass with a pleasant smell. This oil contains alcohol and essential oil can be isolated from it. In everyday life, some types of rhododendrons are used as honey plants.  In particular, honey collected from rhododendron flowers has a healing effect and is very useful for colds. So de rhododendron has a very original application in the garden. The fact is that the poison in its leaves is capable of paralyzing insects and small animals. That is, garden pests will not be near it.

 Rhododendron in the world of photography

Rhododendron is a very beautiful and unforgettable plant, as there are few places in the world to find it, just taking photos is already happiness. The most beautiful pictures with this plant if it is in the form of a tree. Saturation color and unusual shape are perfect for the background of any photo. Against the background of this plant, you can create fashion shows for spring collections, since the plant grows in spring and by itself symbolizes spring.  Rhododendron is also fashionable to use in everyday photography, it can be used so that it emphasizes the clothes or facial features of the model.

 NFT flower

Rhododendron is a unique plant and as an NFT photo, it will do great. There are few such interesting flowers where you can find and even buy. NFT nature photography gives us the opportunity to buy ourselves something unique and beautiful. There was no such flower in the world of NFT nature, and if you want to buy this purple diamond for yourself, then you will definitely not regret it. NFT nature shows how beautiful, unique and unrepeatable nature can be. Rhododendron is a very beautiful plant and looking at it and on the NFT photo with it, you want to see it live or watch it every day on your desktop. If you collect NFT nature photography then NFT with rhododendron will perfectly complement your collection. Love nature and stay with us.

Purple Rhododendron NFT flower #4
Purple Rhododendron NFT flower #4
Type species:Rhododendronium
Plant:Flower & Tree
Background:Green & Braun branches